Classic Cars of the Future – The Time To Buy Is Now!

Classic Cars of the Future - The Time To Buy Is Now!

Classic cars provide a unique investment opportunity for the long-term investor, but to really make the best of it, a bit of trend-watching can help increase the return on investment. It’s an old saying that everything in life goes in cycles, and it is no different with the classic car market, though the cycles may be longer than the average investor is expecting.

A Special Type of Investment

First, though, one thing that makes buying old cars a unique investment opportunity is, these stand-out vehicles are eye-catching and fun to drive. Owning one is more than just owning a valuable car, it is – or can be – a statement, and often part of a fond memory of a time that has passed in one’s life.

Bought It Because You Loved It…

If purchased as part of a fond memory or because of a special affinity for a certain car, it may be hard to let go of when it’s time to turn it over for sale. This is not an ideal situation when buying these machines for investment value, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just makes it a bit harder to let go, but at least owning it for a time is enjoyable.

Buying Purely as Investment

This is where trend-watching comes into play as a valuable tool for an investor. Classic cars are only going to increase in value as they become more and more scarce, but there are still going to be ups and downs in the prices. Adding seasonal trends and long-term trends to your understanding of this market will let you earn the highest return on your investment dollars.

Seasonal Trends

Watching seasonal trends will give you an idea of the best time to buy or sell for short-term investing, and it’s fairly basic. Warm weather means summer vacation, car shows, and road trips for many people, so warm months are when demand is the highest – and prices are highest then, too.

While there are always exceptions to every rule, you are most likely to get the lowest prices during cold months. So, typically, you would want to buy when it’s cold and unpleasant outside and sell when demand is high in summer months.

Long-Term Trends

Long-term trends are harder to identify when it comes to cars, but you can use a web tool, like Google Trends, or another analytic tool to use Internet searches as a guideline. If you set the tool to show searches for a specific type of classic car, for example, you can see if it is presenting as a downtrend, an uptrend, or if it has flatlined.

Nothing Is Written in Stone, but…

Ideally, if you see a downtrend of about fifteen or twenty years when you look at the long-term history for a specific type of vehicle, it should be due to begin an upward trend, so buying at a low point in the trend gives you the greatest likelihood of making a profit when you are ready to turn over your long-term investment in a piece of vintage iron.

How Safe Is Riding In A Pickup Truck Bed?

How Safe Is Riding In A Pickup Truck Bed?

For many country folks and farm workers, bouncing along in the cargo bed of a pickup is as common as riding a motorcycle. But what types of hazards could be experienced that could make this activity downright unsafe? Since there are no seat belts within the cargo bed, minor bumps or unexpected serving can result in injuries or even be thrown out of the pickup bed without warning if the driver has to suddenly step on the brakes. If this were to happen, it could result in fatality. Children riding in a covered pickup bed risk being exposed to carbon monoxide, which could result in headaches, dizziness and possibly death with long exposure times. On a highway, the obvious things that make riding in a truck bed unsafe would be vehicle crashes, either from other cars or wild animals that cause accidents by running in front of your moving truck. On a country road, there could be ruts in the dirt or large rocks or tree limbs on the road that you may come upon suddenly causing you to lose control of your truck. You may be buckled in safely but anyone in the back of that truck bed is potentially in danger more so than the driver.

The government has stepped in with laws that vary from state to state, but has made it illegal to ride in the back of a pickup truck in 30 states. 20 States have no laws at all prohibiting riding in the cargo bed. Most of these states have vast areas of rural living where pickup trucks are used for work use and include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, S. Dakota, Vermont, Washington, W. Virginia and Wyoming.

Other states that do have laws are mostly directed toward the safety of children, some extending the age to include up at age 19. Colorado has the most lenient law allowing truck bed riding by passengers as long as all riders are seated and the bed is enclosed on all four sides, so no dangling off the legs off the tailgate. Many states will allow bed riders over the age of 18, while other states allow it with restrictions such as length of the trip and age of passengers. It is absolutely illegal to ride in a house or travel trailer while it is traveling down the highway, so it only makes sense that in an open truck bed, the risk is even more prominent, and is, therefore, protecting the passengers by the use of restrictions and laws.

What exceptions are allowed for riding in an open pickup bed? According to the state of Texas law, persons under the age of 18 are allowed in the back of the open truck when driving on the beach, to transport farm workers from one field to another, when being used during a parade or in the case of an emergency, when the pickup truck is the only vehicle the family owns, when the truck trailer is used as a hayride and only if local law enforcement approves. These laws are designed for safety, not to put a damper on your fun. Severe injury or death would not be fun for anyone involved.